A knitting or crochet row counter that is a small piece of round translucent plastic with two scrolling number wheels inside.

Cocoknits Knitting Row Counter

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Never lose count of your rows again while knitting or crocheting! Cocoknits created this little tool that is going to save your sanity. All you need to do is click the top button to advance the number once you finish a row. It has a handy lock so you can pop this notion in your project bag and not worry about losing track of your number. The numbers on this counter are magnified to make them easier to see. You don't have to worry about scrolling through all the numbers to reset your count, there is a scroll wheel on the side to reset the counter. 


- Material: High quality translucent polycarbonate

- Steel back so it can attach to your Cocoknits Maker's Board

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