Tips for effective yarn storage and organization

Creating a craft room is an opportunity to design a space that reflects your creativity and brings joy to your crafting endeavors. Among the many supplies that crafters accumulate, yarn holds a special place, serving as a colorful reminder of past projects and the joy that knitting or crochet brings. However, finding effective ways to store and organize yarn can be a challenge. It's not just about keeping it untangled and clean; it's about incorporating storage solutions that enhance the visual appeal of your craft room. In this article, we will explore creative and practical methods to store and organize yarn, transforming your craft room into a functional and inspiring space.

Give Your Craft Room Character

Your craft room is more than just a space for creating; it can have its own vibrant personality. The remnants of yarn from previous projects serve as colorful reminders of the joy that knitting or crochet brings into your life. While it's important to store your yarn to prevent tangling or dirt, there are creative ways to do this without locking it away in a cabinet or drawer. Consider storage as an opportunity for decoration. You can store your hanks, skeins, and balls of yarn in a way that allows for easy access and a visually appealing display, without adding clutter. Explore these inventive solutions for organizing and storing your yarn once and for all, from revamping bookshelves to utilizing rolling carts.

3 Ingenious Methods for Organizing Your Craft Supplies

Wall Cabinet:

Transform a simple cubbyhole shelf into a storage space for yarn and other craft supplies. Arrange your skeins by color, weight category, or fiber type. The individual square shelves keep the yarn separate and organized, while also providing an eye-catching visual display.

Baskets and Bins:

Keep your yarn neatly organized with a sturdy denim storage bin. This DIY project involves sewing together six pieces of denim of different sizes and folding them to create the storage baskets. With its double ply of denim, it's perfect for keeping knitting supplies, needles, and yarn all together and tidy. Stack the bins and organize your yarn by color and type for easy access.

Hanging Closet Organizers:

Take inspiration from Anne Weil of Flax & Twine, who devised a clever storage solution for organizing yarn by color. "I use hanging sweater storage to organize my yarn by color. I love storing yarn this way because it's always within reach and visually inspiring," she shares. "If I have an idea, I can easily grab a fiber or color that complements it. I store large quantities of yarn in see-through bins." If you have spare closet space, this method could work wonders for you too.

With a well-organized and visually appealing storage system for your yarn, your craft room will become a space that sparks creativity and showcases your passion for knitting or crochet. By incorporating these ingenious methods, such as utilizing wall cabinets, creating denim storage bins, or employing hanging closet organizers, you can ensure that your yarn remains easily accessible, untangled, and a vibrant part of your craft room's decor. Embrace the opportunity to turn storage into a decorative element, transforming your craft room into a functional and inspiring haven where you can unleash your creativity and continue to enjoy the art of crafting with yarn.