10 Easy Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Once you get your hands on a crochet hook, some yarn and master the fundamentals of this craft, learning to crochet will become an addiction that'll last forever!

If you're only just starting out in crochet, the simplest projects to create are those made up of simple stitches such as single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc) or double crochet (dc). Here are a few ideas: why not give crafting a stylish scarf, a cozy dishcloth/washcloth or even an adorable small blanket/baby blanket? 

To master the craft of crocheting, it's best to start by practicing in rows until you gain assurance. With this in mind, why not begin your crochet journey with a simple beginner scarf or washcloth and move up to larger projects like cowls, hats, and blankets as you grow more confident? This way, your skills will develop at a steady pace!

Easy + Simple Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Are you a beginning crocheter looking for your first project? Then check out some of our favorite easy crochet patterns below! Get ready to enjoy the fun and satisfaction that comes with creating something beautiful with yarn. 

1. Easy Crochet One Hour Cowl

Take advantage of this straightforward single stitch pattern to generate a delightful cowl with chunky yarn and finish it quickly!

  1. Make the Easy Crochet One Cowl  

2. Easy Crochet Griddle Stitch Scarf

Crafting this alluring scarf couldn't be simpler, as it only requires you to master the art of single crochet and double crochet!

  1. Make the Easy Crochet Griddle Stitch Scarf 

3. Simple Crochet Washcloth Pattern

Gather some soft cotton yarn and your crochet hook, because it's time to get started! This beginner-friendly set of beautiful crochet washcloths is a cinch to make - you only need two stitches. Let the crafting commence!

  1. Make the Simple Crochet Washcloth Pattern

4. Beginner-Friendly Double Crochet Blanket

Rejoice when you opt to craft this cozy blanket – it takes only one stitch and chunky yarn, making it a quick project that yields satisfyingly speedy results!

  1. Make the Easy Double Crochet Blanket

5. Easy Crochet Scarf For Beginners

Get ready to kick-off your crochet adventure with a basic single stitch scarf pattern! All you'll need is 9mm hook, some chunky yarn and the free pattern. It's that simple!

  1. Make the Easy Crochet Scarf for Beginners

6. Easy Double Crochet Hat Pattern

Unlock the possibilities with a double crochet stitch - create an effortless adult-sized hat and make it stand out with an optional circle button.

  1. Make the Double Crochet Hat Pattern

7. Beginner Single Crochet Blanket

With a single, simple stitch - the single crochet - you can craft an exquisite blanket!

  1. Make the Beginner Single Crochet Blanket 

8. Easy To Make Double Crochet Square

Take your crochet skills to the next level with this classic double crochet square! It's a great, easy pattern that you can use to make an afghan or blanket as soon as you master it. Unlock your creativity and stitch together multiple squares for something truly unique..

  1. Make the Double Crochet Square 

9. Fast Crochet Bracelet Pattern

After you master the chain technique, this bracelet becomes yours! Add a feather charm (or any other of your preference) to make it even more enjoyable.

  1. Make the Fast Crochet Bracelet Pattern 

10. Easy Crochet Beginner Washcloth

This simple stitch pattern is the perfect place for budding crocheters to start! With it, you can craft a delightful washcloth that's sure to bring joy.

  1. Make the Beginner Crochet Washcloth