Kenyarn Resin Buttons - 1 inch Sparkle and Bling
A clear star-shaped resin button with yellow and green glitter embedded in the resin.
Alt text: A clear 1-inch circle resin button with opal pearl-colored glitter shimmering within it.
 A bright pink 1-inch circle resin button with multi-colored transparent glitter swirling inside. The packaging reads "Kenyarn Hand Poured Resin Button."
A 1-inch circle resin button in translucent peach color with green sparkles inside. The packaging reads "Kenyarn."
A 1-inch pale pink translucent button with pink sparkles and multi-colored Valentine heart confetti embedded in the resin.

Kenyarn Resin Buttons - 1 inch Sparkle and Bling

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These multi colored Resin buttons from Jake of Kenyarn are totally eye-catching and perfect for adding a pop of personality to your next project!  Each pack comes with 8, 1-inch circular or star shaped buttons in a variety of colors.  Whatever you need a button for, Kenyarn's resin buttons are for you.

These buttons are made out of high quality resin that is durable and long-lasting.  Each button is meticulously hand-crafted to ensure a smooth finish and impeccable detailing.  Whether you're looking to embellish a garment, enhance a bag or accessory, or add a touch of flair, these 1-inch colorful buttons are versatile and versatile enough to suit any project. 

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